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When I was a kid at school, my favourite subject was to write a essay. Then work and life in general got on the way and I never ‘gotaroundtoit’ until 2007 when I entered a competition with my story ‘HI-Jinks’. Since then, I have spent a lot of time writing this and that. As it is said, ‘If you do not read, you cannot write’.

Peter’s Books

JACQUELINE by Peter Carseldine.

The story Jacqueline, while fictitious, is based on a friendship the author had during the mid-1960s. The sequence of events that appear as diary entries of 1965 and 1966 are factual and form the basis of the story. The rest of the narrative is pure fiction. The character Jacqueline portrays the author’s friend who tragically did take her own life in 1978. While the character name Jacqueline is not the name of the author’s friend, the story is written with a heartfelt memory of her.

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